Exhibition "Galician Faberge" in Kiev-Pechersk Lavra (2004)

Press Interview

Opening of the exhibition

Many people

In the exhibition hall

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Near the exhibit

Work Review

Miroshnikov family

Support group from Nikolaev



Platinum, yellow, red, pink and white gold, tourmaline, black opal, agate, druse of epidote crystals with rock crystal (Dashkestan field), silver

Rock crystal, spar druse with morion, white opal, nephrite, lazurite, gold, silver

Size: 28 cm

Hot enamel, druse of epidote crystals with calcite, cupronickel, marble, bronze, enamel

Petrified dinosaur footprints (Jurassic period), Dalmantian jasper

Size: 10х20х6 cm (Beetle – 3.5 cm)

Black opal, epidote druse, rock crystal, jasper, gold

Size: 26x41x40 cm
Bronze, enamel, brass, copper, cupronickel, topaz, rock crystal, marble

Size: 25х25х40 cm

Tourmaline rubelit, garnet demantoid, coral, druse of demantoid, mammoth tusk, jasper, flesh-color marble, white opal, brown tourmaline, coral, lapis lazuli, milky opal, spotted green jasper, serpentine, gold, silver

Size: 26х45х18 cm

Topaz, Morion (Black Rhinestone), Brazilian agate, agate meat, lazurite, nephrite, turquoise, rhodonite, milky opal, heliotrope, corundum, gold, silver

Size: 23 cm

Drusus quartz with vermilion, black opal, orange jasper-agate, silver

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